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Villas for Sale in Istanbul

Spacious room, a security surrounding fence, a green park, a separate swimming pool, etc. Are all features that urge people to purchase a property in Turkey or Istanbul to be more specific in an attempt to find a villa.

The value of villas in Istanbul is always on the rise due to the natural sea views which make residents feel more relaxed.

Villas in Turkey are designed to be suitable for living during the summer and winter, with a hot water heating system that is based on hot water and provides adequate heating and costs. In the summer, rooms are provided with heat insulation. Also, many villas for sale in Istanbul have a sound insulation system which provides a comfortable and quiet atmosphere inside the villa.

Like villas around the world, the villas in Turkey consist of a basic family building, a maid's room, a swimming pool with a garden that has everything you want to see from a beautiful view, as well as sauna rooms and sports grounds. There is a strong security system that provides robust protection for villas, where surveillance cameras, as well as alarms directly connected to the police emergency office.

While some of the villas are located amid green spaces, some are located directly on the coast, and in either case there is a more spectacular view.

The division of the villas varies according to the project, but most divisions are similar in terms of a lounge with a toilet for the guests, 3 to 4 bedrooms upstairs with two toilets; one for parents and one for children, a kitchen with a side sitting room on the lounge floor in addition to a balcony in almost every room. To award disabled people their right to life, some real estate companies tend to put elevators in the villas.

In keeping with the international standards of villas, Turkish real estate companies are keen to comply with the area standard, which indicates that 500 meters 2 and above is the standard for saying that there is a building classified as a villa. As for the gardens, real estate companies are keen to be between 500 and 1,000 meters 2. There is no doubt that the garage is very important, so villas in Turkey provide buyers with a garage that can accommodate at least 5 cars.

It has been said that the door stair is a mirror for what has been done. Thus, real estate companies in Turkey consider this issue carefully and make the design very attractive and alluring.

Series shows that villas are located in isolated areas. However, most projects that consider villas for sale in Turkey are very close to amusement and central areas including shopping centers, mosques, and parks.

Real estate companies in Turkey offer a new villa system, creating clusters of villas that share a range of services: shopping malls, sauna and steam rooms, sports venues, cafes, restaurants, Turkish bath, fitness room, playgrounds, jogging track or walkway. With these services, the person who wishes to buy a villa in Turkey has an environment that simulates his level and does not deprive him of the social life that no one, especially the children, can abandon.

One of the factors that increases the beauty of the villa and its splendor is the large area of its back garden which can become a farm for organic vegetables and fruits. This farm can also become a natural place to work away from closed offices.

Damas Properties offers the best villas for sale in Istanbul. Villas are for sale in luxurious projects, some of them with stunning natural views, some with magnificent sea views, such as D 172, D 171, D 130.